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  1. You can use our customer support number +91-97699-53644 to place your orders
  2. Our customer support number +91-97699-53644 is operational between 9am to 7pm to accept your orders.
  3. We deliver on all seven days of the week between in three fixed time slots – 7am to 12pm; 12pm to 3pm; and 3pm to 7pm.
  4. On our website www.deenaji.com you will find multiple payment options, else you can pay in cash, upon delivery.
  5. All orders need to be placed directly to our customer care number. We do not have any agents.
  6. We recommend you place your orders one day in advance. Please note that order fulfillment is subject to availability and other circumstances.
  7. Make sure that you get a tracking number against your requests. This will make tracking your delivery status easy.
  8. Once a tracking number has been generated, an order cannot be cancelled under any condition.
  9. While accepting the delivery, make sure that the package is not bloated or leaking.
  10. In an unlikely case of a package appearing damaged, bloated or having a leak, we advise you to not accept the order. We will replace your order in the next earliest delivery. We will not entertain any claims once the package has been accepted.