Tuna (Choora) – Whole



Fresh Water Fish | Bone-in | Whole

  • Gross Wt: 500 gms
  • No. of Pcs: 1

One of the largest consumed fish in the world, we offer fresh tuna that is fleshy in texture, wholesome in taste and easy to make. You can bake or fry the fish whole or use the boneless chunks to make Indian or Thai style curry. You can also mash it up to make cutlets, rolls or use as filling in sandwiches. Flavourful and packed with nutrients, it’s a must add to your diet.

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Deenaji Offers : 

    • Fresh Fish
    • Delivered Fresh & Chilled Same Day – Fished, Butchered, Cleaned, Tested, Packaged & Delivered
    • Luscious, Succulent, Fresh-Cut Meat With The Finest Butchery
    • Product Quality Tested
    • Hygienically Packaged
    • No Preservatives
    • No Steroids & Antibiotics

Qty might be subject to variability by approx. 10% and chargeable accordingly as the shape, size and manual cutting process of the Fish & Poultry items. Variable (+/-) amount will be credited/debited into your wallet accordingly.


Weight 500 kg