Mutton Curry Cut


Net Weight: 500gms

Bone-In & Boneless | Meat Rich | Medium Cuts

Chunky, succulent pieces of rich lamb meat, cut from the ribs, shoulder, leg and loin to make for a great assorted mix medium cut meat meal!

We bring to you the supple dense texture and unique gamey flavour of mutton meat. Enjoy chunky pieces of velvety goat meat from the shoulder, leg, neck, loin and rib region of the animal.

Let our biryani-special mutton pieces spoil you silly and make your dawat even more special by adding in scrumptious, juicy flavours to your dishes. The cut would be bite-size and ideal for a flavoursome biryani.

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  • Halal Certified
  • Delivered Fresh & Chilled Same Day – Slaughtered, Butchered, Cleaned, Tested, Packaged & Delivered
  • Luscious, Succulent, Fresh-Cut Meat With The Finest Butchery
  • Product Quality Tested
  • Hygienically Packaged
  • 100% Plan Fed Lambs
  • Farm Raised Lambs
  • No GMOs
  • No Preservatives
  • No Steroids & Antibiotics
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