Happy Meating You Here

Deenaji was amongst the earliest proponents of the ‘farm-to-fork’ model for catering fresh meat supply across the city. Offering premium product line : Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Exotic Meats & Ready to Cook range. All the products are Organic with no added antibiotics, pesticide & hormones. It is preservative free and delivered fresh daily at your doorstep with 100% Contact-free delivery option.

Promising : Halal , Luscious, Succulent, Fresh-Cut & Chilled Meat with Total Quality Assurance.

We are a team of professionals who value service over profit.

Our team comprises of professionally-trained butchers; efficient sales executives and masked delivery men who have been specially-trained in making contact-free deliveries. We believe that quality and process hygiene are non-negotiable in our business.

With us, you can be assured of 100% fresh and clean Halal meat and poultry products.


  • 100% Plant Fed
  • Farm Raised
  • No GMOs
  • No Preservations
  • No Steroids
  • No Antibiotics


  • Halal Certified
  • Premium Product line
  • No Antibiotics, No Pesticide, No Hormones
  • Luscious,Succulent, Fresh-Cut Meat
  • Central Production Unit
  • Product Quality & Packaging Checks
  • Quality Assurance Licenses
  • Fresh & Chilled within 2 hrs from process of Slaughtered, Butchered, Cleaned, Tested, Packaged
  • Everyday Delivery
  • 100% Contact-free delivery


  • Naturally Laid
  • Odorless
  • 100% Veg Fed Hens
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Free From Flue
  • No Steroids

Deenaji is far more than a brand.
It is how we conduct our business. We take immense pride in the products we supply; direct from farm to the customers we serve, straight to their doorstep!


Where do we target to be?

We aim to be category leaders in meat product portfolio and quality; have a business relationship with our customers; and vibrant career opportunities for our employees.

How do we get there?

By supplying a whole range of premium-quality, fresh meat and poultry products to our wholesalers, retailers, caterers and restaurant-owners.

Strong roots, new outlook

At Deenaji, we believe in keeping up with the changing times but without compromising on our core values and top service. We are constantly innovating and adding newer, fresh and luscious meat and poultry products to our ever-expanding basket of supplies.